There Is No Safe Place in Ukraine

Ukrainian Civilians Under Attack From Russia

An Urgent Plea From Fair Energy Foundation
On behalf of Displaced Ukrainian Refugees

Several million children are in grave danger of physical harm, severe emotional distress and displacement. Families forced to flee will be in urgent need of assistance with shelter, food and clean water. Whenever children are forced to flee their home, there is a risk they will become separated from their families.

FAIR ENERGY, through your help and generosity will do all we can to render assistance to help the Ukrainian Refugees in their moment of need.

You are some of Dave’s closest friends and may be aware of his reputation as the founder of his own business, and his reputation as an honest hardworking businessman for over 38 of his years.

Now he as the Founder & President of FAIR Energy Foundation, with his long standing reputation provides certainty and full knowledge that the tax deductible donations we collect through your generosity, either as an individual or as a business, or Organization will be put to best efficient use in an effort to help predominantly, the Ukrainian Refugees, these yes, great and noble people in their time of need.

Won’t you please donate generously to help.

Any donation no matter how small will be most welcome and appreciated.

Thank you for your gesture of good will toward our friends, the Ukrainian Refugees.

Your donation will especially help the mothers and children who have fled the war zone.

Thank you for considering supporting FAIR Energy Foundation’s efforts.

We deeply appreciate it.

Dave wants you to know he personally thanks you from the bottom of his heart.

Look for additional posts while he is traveling there, and then on the ground attempting to bring news back to you about the situation.

May God Bless the Kurdish People.

And May God Bless you for your help.


The Kurds are descended from this Ancient Culture of one land.
Yet, now they find themselves scattered all over the region.