United States-Mexico Canal Zone
Oil and Gas Right of Way

Dave Wallace, et. al.

The United States and Mexico have a vested interest in securing passage from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean. An Interstate Highway would offer multiple benefits for both Countries. This is a proposal for the development of cooperation of the two countries, as well as the prosperity, security of the citizens of our two countries as well as the reduction to near zero of our illegal border crossings, that hurts the communities on both sides of the Border.

Interstate 0 Red
Trunks: Mex-Orange US- Deep Red
Right of Way- True Blue
Trunks: Mex- Purple US- Pale Blue

Alliance for Progress
America & Mexico Cooperation

(Proposed Joint) Project
of the Department State & Defense
Interstate 0
Overland Canal
Oil & Gas Right of Way

The United States and Mexico have a Border Security Problem.
We can solve this problem with the Win-Win Solution Driven Model
If we look at this Map above we see all of the generalized parameters graphically presented so the concept is clear.

General Parameters

Interstate from Gulf of Mexico – Pacific Ocean
Inside Mexico (From 10-20k)
Oil & Gas Pipeline Right of Way
The safest & least expensive Form of Transportation


The Over-Land Mexican-American Canal Zone would be tied into our Current Interstate System. It would traverse from The Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean. It would be built as a modern Interstate, immediately plunging into Mexico at both ends. It will be built from 10-20 kilometers into Mexico, with Toll Exits to the north and south offset from one another at a minimum of 5-10 kilometers or more based on population and traffic density. It would be built with Environmental barriers it’s entire length, at a height to also act as a security wall on both sides, generally the Southern and Northern side. In addition there would be a Right Of Way for Oil and Natural Gas Pipelines traversing the entirety, to facilitate export the Direct Pacific Export Of Oil and LNG that would allow for a 3-5 day transit time savings as well as tremendous cost savings, to access the Pacific Rim and All points toward Hawaii as well as, all points Asia.

This Interstate follows the Protocol of all east- west highways being Even. Hence, the designation “0”.

Being built with tolls it will pay for itself. Being a Canal Zone, in addition, as it is in Mexico, it would avoid the imposition of the Posse Comitatis laws, as well as the Requirements of due process of those illegals as no illegal alien would have stepped onto United States soil, the US Military would be posted on both sides of the canal with a smattering of Mexican Military as negotiates with the Mexican Foreign Ministry and their Ministry Of State. Also our Border Patrol would Man all Toll facilities with Various Technological Elements as well as dogs to determine the secretion Of Illegal contraband, eg, drugs, human trafficking.

The beauty of the wall on both sides would create a duck shoot scenario, as they would then have to travel multiple kilometers before exiting the interstate with the southern northern ingress and egress being offset by 5 kilometers,(3.1 miles) minimum, so that if a person or vehicle would attempt to cross, it would be much more difficult to avoid apprehension, also any attempt to tunnel across the width to the other side could be eliminated by use of Centrally located barriers driven deep into the ground with vibration and sound detection devices its full length.

These security features would be both the US and Mexico, as both Countries are damaged by drug smugglers and human traffickers as well as caravans of humanity disrupting Mexican life while attempting to enter illegally into the United States.

The transit right of way by Pipeline would give the United States a cost reduction compared to current methods, as such creating a safe and less costly route to the Pacific Ocean while saving a number of costly tanker, Oil, and Natural Gas days on the high seas. Up until recently the cost of a tanker could be as low as 40,000 dollars, yet today the price has risen to 100,000 dollars per day and is expected to rise even further as supply exceeds demand for tankers. In addition the Panama Canal has a transit fee and a lag time as the cue is filled. All of these fees would be eliminated as the LNG and Oil filling terminals would be placed on the Pacific coast. The fewer days of transit would extend the tanker supply as overall transit times are shortened. These pipelines would create transit fees that would benefit Mexico while reducing costs to the Oil and has Industry. While construction in Mexico would speed up the Permitting Process, and once approval occurs, LNG facilities would begin construction in either Mexico and the United States depending on intransigence of The State of California in their quest for their full hearty attempt at zero emissions. At each end, we would have a buttress double wall leading to the coastal shore lines. All of these features will create a win-win $$ Solution for both the United States and Mexico From the Security aspect, as well Economically and create cultural Cooperation as a first project of the Alliance for Progress. A beginning of a new age of Cooperation our closest allies with whom we have close partnership to secure our Western Hemisphere and those Western Cultural values we share and wish to promote.

Alliance for Progress

United States-Mexico Canal Zone – USMCZ
Oil and Gas Right of Way

Dave Wallace, et. al.

Here is an argument to resurrect the Alliance for Progress as envisioned by President John F. Kennedy, as he so insightfully understood the threat to the United States, and all or our Western Hemisphere. We had seen the argument during the Vietnam Era that like Domino’s various Southeast Asian countries would fall to Communism, as it was a grassfire under the power of the Chinese Communist dictator Mao Tse Tung. Many in our government scoffed at the idea. Others embraced the theory, your author and his supporters included, to one degree or another. Yet, we all were looking at the Southeast Asian region. But President Kennedy having seen how fast the Russians with the Communist Chinese had driven there power into Cuba, knew that this theory was present, as we did, even in our Latin American Region of the Western Hemisphere. In a non-Military way he would drive the idea of the Alliance for Progress. Today as we see the utter tumoil created by benign neglect that cancer will thrive without a very forceful foreign policy that promotes Western Values. Our values will win over those socialist-communist values that only breed poverty and despair. And today we see that Latin America as we have seen growing for decades as far back as Eisenhower with Cuba, and then during Nixon with Chile, and then again during Carter-Reagan with Nicaragua. There is no better time like the present to be fully engaged in Latin America. And with the great American expression, Jump in with both feet!

The United States has a critical interest in creating a Safe and Secure, Prosperous and Robust society in our Western Hemisphere.

It was the dream and ambition of John F. Kennedy along with prior and future Presidents, including Eisenhower, and Nixon, as well as almost all Presidents dating back to President Monroe, who formed what we know as the Monroe Doctrine.

It was President Kennedy who created what was a short-lived but worthy model called The Alliance for Progress. Unfortunately, with his untimely death, so died his ambition and his Program, the Alliance for Progress (AfP) to create a strong Western Culture that would be a bulwark against radical development of Socialism, and Communism. He envisioned using the benefits of true Free Market Capitalist principles that would prevent cronyism, with the concurrent rise of Oligarchy’s false crony capitalism, (Crony Corruption). His AfP was especially designed to protect against the spread of Fidel Castro’s – Cuba’s communist influence.

To facilitate his vision in 1961, he created the program called Alliance for Progress, known also in Spanish as, “Alianza para el Progreso.” One of the hallmarks of his Alliance would be to facilitate strong Constitutional Democratic Republics that would promote elevate GDP to 3% or higher.

Today we urge the president to present this model to our friends here in the Western Hemisphere. This goal would be reached through free market principles that would include, Free Markets, & Fair trade, with Abundant Energy, with Hemispheric Cooperation, and the Rule of Law, Including Property Rights, especially Private Property Rights, and critical Human Rights to drive Prosperity and Human Dignity.