Kurdish Civilians Under Attack From Turkish Invasion

An Urgent Plea From Fair Energy Foundation
On behalf of Displaced Kurds from Syria

Dave Wallace, FAIR Energy Foundation’s Founder and President is on an ongoing mission on behalf of FAIR Energy Foundation to find out what critical humanitarian needs are required of Kurds now being displaced by the Turkish Invasion into Syria as they cross the Turkish border.

The political situation is tenuous at best, yet it is dire for those who have fled the region with in many cases, only the clothes on their back, and little else. They are suffering. They are emotionally and physically devastated.

We will interview as many People as we can to build our understanding of the Geo-political and Cultural situation for ourselves and for all of you who are concerned, just as we are at FAIR ENERGY Foundation.

We will build the knowledge from an American Perspective, so you can be better informed as to the circumstances and History of Kurds in the region overall.
♦ What is going on at the Battle Front.
♦ What is the expectation for the outcome from the Kurdish Perspective.
♦ What is the progress on Kurdistan’s fight for Autonomy from Baghdad, the Capitol of Iraq.

We want to find out what progress they have made in building the Institutional frame work to create an independent sovereign region within Iraq and what more do they need to do.

To what extent does the Kurdish Government feel reliant on both Iran and Russia.

Many of these things we can not change. There are those who argue, and that truly believe, we should not lose any more AMERICAN Servicemen there on behalf of our friends the Kurds. From an honest perspective, this is truly their fight.

Yet with that said: The Kurdish fighting forces, named the Peshmerga, have fought not only to their benefit, but also, for the benefit of all Americans, as the United States has seen the defeat of ISIS, largely due to the brave and valiant efforts of the Kurdish fighting forces, named ‘Peshmerga’, and especially, the over 11,000 who have lost their lives fighting on behalf of America!
Kurdistan and the Kurdish People bring stability to this region. And with stability we will assuredly see lower risk of radicalization leading to the growth of terrorist organizations and terrorism.

We know there is one central element to all radical Islamist terrorist ambitions, kill Jews, and kill Americans. We have seen the results in the ever fresh 9/11 attacks, and others, much smaller, but just as terrorizing. Our assistance to the Kurds helps us in so many ways, they can not all be counted.

Yet, even though you and I may not fight alongside the Peshmerga or lend help by providing the kind of military support to assist them in fighting as effectively as they possibly can. We can still help! And we must help!

Yet, when it comes to the immediate pressing situation, we know, we Americans are the most generous people on the planet. We are blessed with a strong country, that relies on a free market, where you and each one of our friends is given the opportunity to prosper.
We see the courage and dedication to the purpose to fight the battles and resolve to be victorious. We have 50 United States, all united as one people, Americans!

The Kurds are not so fortunate, they after WORLD WAR I, in a misguided drawing of political map of the region, have been spread out into a devastating design, that has divided them, separated into 4 countries. Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Iran. These were a single natural homeland to the Kurds.

Yet it was decided after World War I, that the Kurds were too strong and cohesive a culture, and hence too fierce a fighting force, and that they must be divided. These are the people born of the oldest civilization our planet knows. It was part of Mesopotamia or Mesopetamia.

Here is some of its history:

Mesopotamia is a historical region of Western Asia situated within the Tigris–Euphrates river system, in the northern part of the Fertile Crescent, in modern days roughly corresponding to most of Iraq, Kuwait, the eastern parts of Syria, Southeastern Turkey, and regions along the Turkish–Syrian and Iran–Iraq borders.

Here is a map clearly depicting the region—

FAIR ENERGY, through your help and generosity will do all we can to render assistance to help the Kurds in their moment of need.

You are some of Dave’s closest friends and may be aware of his reputation as the founder of his own business, and his reputation as an honest hardworking businessman for over 38 of his years.

Now he as the Founder & President of FAIR Energy Foundation, with his long standing reputation provides certainty and full knowledge that the tax deductible donations we collect through your generosity, either as an individual or as a business, or Organization will be put to best efficient use in an effort to help predominantly, the Kurds, these yes, great and noble people in their time of need.

It’s important to note, the Kurds are secular people and that they have rendered assistance to the Yazidi people as well as others while still fighting ISIS. They have not harmed any of the minorities, instead they have embraced them. In many cases the People of Kurdistan have erected complete refugee camps for those who have fled over the border, and even more while erecting Indigenous Displaced People’s (IDP) Camps. All to help assist in times of need. For some of the refugees who were their in the camps, once the ISIS was defeated they attempted to return to their cities and villages. Once arriving they discovered their was a new threat to their survival, the Militias, many backed by Iran.

These same refugees who had hoped to return a state of calm and tranquility, instead have only found despair and threats against their lives. In many cases the Iranian militias created much pain for their families. So, in rapid order, these same people who had arrived with high hopes and great expectations saw their hopes dashed. And they fled, having to return to less than optimal conditions in the Refuge and IDP camps.

Now, after finally settling into some small amount of normalcy, they again find themselves displaced and in the misery of homelessness and hunger. For them it is shear misery and suffering. Their mental health is stretched to the breaking point.

Won’t you please donate generously to help.

Any donation no matter how small will be most welcome and appreciated.

Thank you for your gesture of good will toward our friends, the Kurds.

Your donation will especially help the mothers and children who have fled the war zone.

Make no mistake these battles are fierce, and the Turks have not let up even in populated areas where full communities are being caught in the cross fire.

Thank you for considering supporting FAIR Energy Foundation’s efforts.

We deeply appreciate it.

Dave wants you to know he personally thanks you from the bottom of his heart.

Look for additional posts while he is traveling there, and then on the ground attempting to bring news back to you about the situation.

May God Bless the Kurdish People.

And May God Bless you for your help.

The Kurds are descended from this Ancient Culture of one land.
Yet, now they find themselves scattered all over the region.