Trump is the Donald of Ronald

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Patty Ann Davis, President Ronald Reagan’s daughter’s comments have created a stir, and the Press is eating it up.

She claimed that President Reagan would be appalled at the actions of President Donald J. Trump.

Yet the Capitalist Economists, Lawrence Kudlow, Stephen Moore, and Peter Ferrara, are the three men who helped shape his economic policy & created it, modeled it after Reagans Economic Policy, they know Reaganomics like no other, and Military Leaders who see President Reagan as a Great President love President Trump’s Renewed Peace through Strength Doctrine.

Our Culture warriors love his stance on life, and support of our second Amendment. He has an absolute patriotic love of our American Heritage, through support of our Constitutional Justice System by placing Constructionist-Traditionalist judges to the Supreme Court and through the entire Federal Court System.

President Trump understands the Production-ManPower-Economy: You drive up Capital Formation, you drive up Capital Investment, and you drive up productivity of Manufactured Goods, this creates greater Supply, in turn it puts steady pressure downward on prices, jobs flourish and wages rise, all while increased productivity holds down inflation! And you get sustained Manufacturing Growth which is the root driver of all economic activity, with robust employment growth, wage growth, at a pace seldom seen anywhere in the world.

Most importantly Trump knows that it is through internal increase of Consumption as opposed to strictly export driven growth that a country prospers, as you make goods more affordable to the consumer.

He has also seen the disadvantage of pure Free Trade. And understands that jobs flow to the least expensive labor pool. He also knows that to drive an economic engine it requires primary jobs, Industrial and Heavy Manufacturing Jobs. Something again, our founding fathers knew. His tariffs, WageDisparityTariffs more Precisely, have stemmed from the exodus of US Manufacturing And the American Jobs they create. It was announced by President Trump a recent survey shows that approximately 21 of the 25 percentage points of tariffs imposed on foreign goods are borne by the overseas exporter while only 4 points are borne by the American consumer. This has been part, a major part of his AMERICAN MANUFACTURING Renaissance .

On the world stage, we see Trump’s Defense Budget Policies rebuilding our Military, following the Peace through Strength Doctrine Of Ronald Reagan, while standing strong with our Allies, holding those who would stray accountable for spending their growing fair share of Defense costs and procurement, while opposing tyranny as he has in Cyprus, and most recently in Venezuela.

He has stood up for fair trade policy against Chinese opportunism.
And, Trump begun a Strong Relationship with Poland, while preventing Russian Hegemony in the region, as he puts battalions in Poland, and sends arms to Ukraine.

So, how would President Reagan our 40th Preston the United States feel?
President Reagan would be doing handstands at the accomplishments of President Trump!

I lived through the Reagan Era. The Left did the same thing to her beloved Father, Nancy’s Husband, “Ronnie” as she affectionately called him. The Left attempted Intelligence Assassination, They equated him to a “B-rated-chimpanzee co-starring, “stupid Actor.” True History would show they Reagan-Trump are two peas in a pod, with Trump fulfilling Reagan’s Legacy! They also tried to ensnare President Reagan blocking Funding to the Contras, which singularly created the Iran-Contra Affair. Don’t believe me? Go talk to Colonel Oliver North!

Oh, and Regarding Gov. Larry Hogan(MD), for whom I offer my 100% support as a Governor of Maryland, he is no Reagan Model. He is more of a Maverick.

May God Bless Ronald W. Reagan!

May God Bless Donald J. Reagan!
Actually, Two Peas in a Pod

Trump is the Donald of Ronald!