Tim Crome

Chief Engineer TechnipFMC

Tim Crome has worked in the offshore pipeline / subsea industry since graduation from Imperial Collage, London in 1980. He joined TechnipFMC in Norway in 1997 and is now a Chief Engineer within their Norwegian organisation. He has held various managerial and commercial roles including Director for Technology within the Global Front End group, Vice President for Subsea in the Mediterranean Region and Director for Sales and Business Development for operations in Norway. From 2001 to 2007 he was Engineering Manager for the Oslo office. Tim has been members of program committees for several subsea / offshore technology conferences and has sat on the boards of industry bodies for both oil and gas and subsea mineral mining. His career started with pipeline design consultancy in London in 1980, 4 years later he was seconded to Oslo to work for a Norwegian operator and has been in Norway ever since.

As an active sailor from a young age Tim has always been interested in the weather and climate. In the early 1990s he came across and read a paper that showed a clear correlation between solar activity and global temperature variations. Hence, when the noise about manmade Climate Change due to the release of CO2 from burning hydrocarbons started to grow, with the first Assessment report from the IPCC in 1992 and, 14 years later, became very loud with Al Gore’s film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, he was always sceptical to the role of CO2 as a major climate driver. For all these years he has read widely about the subject and participated in discussions, conferences and has also been a member of the Norwegian Klimarealistene (Climate Realists), where for a number of years he sat on their board. He has also searched for clear empirical evidence to support the CO2 hypothesis, without as yet being able to uncover anything more than some very untrustworthy computer models. He has never been able to agree to the notion that “The science is settled”.