Chief Energy Economist based in London for UK

Leo Drollas was the Deputy Director and Chief Economist at the CGES from 1989 until 2011, becoming in that year the CGES’ Director and retaining the title of Chief Economist.  During his time at the CGES, which ceased formal operations in January 2014, Leo dealt with subjects as diverse as oil prices in the long run, oil speculation versus fundamentals, oil’s shipping needs, the demand for aviation fuel, US gasoline demand, the relationship between oil inventories and prices, the determination of oil product prices, the factors driving oil production, oil capacity utilisation and oil prices, oil pipeline tariffs, OPEC’s oil-quota policies, Chinese oil demand, US and global demand for natural gas, the connection between desired oil stock cover and oil futures prices, and many more.  Leo Drollas co-authored with David Long of Oxford Petroleum Research Associates a major CGES study on the strategic hedging activities of oil companies and directed the CGES’ work on many aspects of the oil futures markets.