Abundant energy is the core driver of global prosperity. Energy demand is rapidly increasing on a global scale, and we see energy sources, that only a few decades ago were thought to be waste by-products, catapulting us into a diverse energy renaissance: Oil, Natural Gas (NG), Liquified NG, Clean Coal, Hydrogen Fuel Cells, are just the beginning. These and Other yet to be discovered energy forms will soon dramatically improve our globally intertwined economies.


Educate government, energy industry leaders, and next generation entrepreneurs about how free-market energy policies will produce:
Prosperity – economic opportunity, ingenuity, and rising standards of living globally
Security – economic prosperity produces, dignity, independence, and strength
Humanity – global harmony and universal respect for and among all people


CO2 Education: CO2 is the green energy by-product of all combustible fossil fuels
Climate Change: Explaining the climate change model
Ingenuity: Using new cheap energy to create new chemical plants
Third-world: Increase sources of free-trade, fair-priced energy


Laser-like focus on free-markets principles:
Rule of Law: property (including mineral) rights and human rights
Tax Policy: preserve profit to promote capital investment
Fiscal/Monetary Policy: promote a stable dollar
Regulatory Policy: create small government to emphasize self-reliance, allow competition and free-market choice
Trade Policy: promote international harmony by stimulating domestic growth in all countries